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We are extremely lucky to have found Alexys, one of the top cosmetic tattooists in the area.

Alexys originally hails from sunny San Diego but has officially been a British subject since 1997.

"I had 2 callings in life, special effects make-up and rock’n’roll. I managed to juggle both for nearly 20 years and have loved every moment of it.” And so set forth a lucrative career drumming for the band Inertia who have toured the planet 10 times over and still performs. (Inertia’s lead singer, Reza, also moonlights as a keyboard player for legendary rockers, Killing Joke). In between the chaos, she worked on several low budget horror films until being picked up by Warner Bros for a 2 year haul on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 1 & 2 specialising in hair-punching prosthetics and prosthetic application. When film work became too exhausting she picked up the needle and began immortalising ink to face with cosmetic and camouflage (scar cover up) tattooing using those make-up skills honed over the decades."




Beauty Spot




Eyeliner (Top OR Bottom)


Eyeliner (Top AND Bottom)


Lip Liner


Full Lips


Tops ups are £30 for all SPMU treatments except full lip which is £50. Top ups MUST be booked within 28 days of your first treatment.

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