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From as early and young as I can remember art has always been my true love and passion, the process of imagining an idea, and then creating that image on a physical canvas in front of you, for me there is no greater satisfaction.

Growing up my first original introduction to art was through my father and grandfather, both amazing artists in their own right. I became heavily interested in the style of 'Surrealism' especially the works of Salvador Dali. And in the art in world of comic books, in particular the very colourful 'Marvel' universe, something that still greatly influences me today.

Midway through completing my 3 A-Levels in Art and Design at SEEC was when tattooing really took me, soon I was apprenticing with Urban Ink and have been tattooing in the Chelmsford studio since just after the branch's opening in 2011. Today I most enjoy working in the style of realism and surrealism, in black and grey and colour, whilst the subjects of Film, Television, Comics and Nature are particularly pleasing.




"I came into Urban Ink in January 2008 after my art course at college and was lucky enough to get an apprenticeship at the studio. I soon began learning from both Jon and Charlie, two amazing artists with totally different styles but the same amount of passion for their work.

I enjoy doing both black and grey as well as colour pieces. I like neo-Victorian styled stuff, filigree and ornate patterns, and to my surprise, floral, girly designs (although I still love my horror stuff!).

I hope to keep changing and growing with my artwork and tattoo styles. I'm inspired by the the work of Claire Reid, Lea Nahon, Eckel and Alex De Pase."




"I was taken on as an apprentice by Urban Ink in March 2008. I realised early on how lucky I was to be given this opportunity and, under the instruction of Charlie, have constantly pushed myself.

When Jethro joined us in 2009, with his help I was really able to push myself further as an artist, as well as really expanding my understanding of the technical side of tattooing.

I enjoy all styles of tattooing, but really enjoy putting my own twist and style into the all the work I do as well."




Brad started his apprenticeship at Urban Ink in 2007 and in the next four years has shown himself to be an excellent all rounder. As well as learning the ropes with tattooing, Brad also became an excellent freehand body piercer and shop manager of the Southend branch, becoming a full time tattooist in 2010.

Brad blew us away when he started tattooing, he’s really learnt his trade and is definitely one to watch out for.




Art has always played a big part in my life, it has helped me through so much, i knew i wanted to pursue my career art based, and when i saw a drawing i had done become someones tattoo it felt amazing knowing that someone was going to be walking around with a piece of art drawn by me.. i knew that tattooing was for me!! the amazing talent and skill of creating these amazing pieces... i just had to be apart of it, and Urban Ink gave me that chance.

I love all styles, Neo Traditional, Realism, the list is endless, i also love to use colour, from bright bold, to soft, its amazing what you can do these days!! i love to add my own touch too.

i try not to be to influenced by other artists, but i love so many of there works, Emily Rose Murray, Jason Butcher, Lianne Moule, the list is endless, i also love so many other kinds of artist like Sylvia Ji, Tim Shumate... etc.




I began my apprenticeship with Urban Ink in 2010 after completing a BTEC in Art & Design in college.

I was trained by several artists, all of whom specialised in different styles, which allowed me to learn a wider range of techniques to help me progress.

I'm an all round artist, but enjoy colour work mostly and putting my own twist into my tattooing. I do however enjoy drawing portraits/realism and have been commissioned to do these in the past.




"Art has always been my undying passion. Whilst attending Art School at eighteen I started drawing for a studio on a Saturday to gain some practical experience. It was from that moment on that I knew I would only ever feel at home in such an environment. I have spent every day thereafter perfecting my art and learning new skills from those willing to teach. Although I have had some support, I consider myself a self-taught tattoo artist, through personal dedication and perseverance.

I try not to be too heavily influenced by other artists, although I thoroughly admire the works of Valerie Vargas, Jason Butcher, Nick Baxter, Saira Hunjan, Alex De Pase and Mike Devries; the list is endless.

I love all styles of tattooing, in particular Neo-Traditional, Japanese, Realistic, and Portrait work. I thrive on producing quality custom work, whatever the style or design may be.

I moved to
Urban Ink in 2010 and look forward to pleasing my customers and allowing my work to flourish further."




"I have recently been given the opportunity to work as a tattoo artist at Urban Ink and now realise how lucky I am to work with such a strong professional team of talented artists.

From a young age I've always had a gift and fascination with art. I attended art college after leaving school, and realised I definitely wanted to do something with my gift. After working as a portrait artist, I got a part time job in a tattoo studio drawing designs and doing basic duties which led to me being offered an apprenticeship. With hard work, guidance and determination I achieved my goal.

I enjoy meeting my clients to get a full understanding of the tattoo or custom design they're looking for and I especially love doing tattoos that involve the effect of realism. I have great admiration for artists such as H.R Giger, Borris, Bob Tyrell, Dan Marshal, Lenu.... the list goes on and I hope to continue to push myself in all aspects of my work and aim to produce the tattoos my clients deserve."




We are extremely lucky to have found Alexys, one of the top cosmetic tattooists in the area.

"I had 2 callings in life, special effects make-up and rock’n’roll. I managed to juggle both for nearly 20 years and have loved every moment of it.” And so set forth a lucrative career drumming for the band Inertia who have toured the planet 10 times over and still performs as a lead singer in a rockabilly band. In between the chaos, she worked on several low budget horror films until being picked up by Warner Bros for a 2 year haul on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 1 & 2 specialising in hair-punching prosthetics and prosthetic application. When film work became too exhausting she picked up the needle and began immortalising ink to face with cosmetic and camouflage (scar cover up) tattooing using those make-up skills honed over the decades"

Alexys is our resident cosmetic tattooist more.


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